Technically, I am a chemist (Master of Science in Biotechnology, Faculty of Chemistry, Wrocław University of Technology), but I’ve been interested in information technology for a long time. Since 2011 I’m professionally involved in creating, modifying and servicing web pages. I’m also continually more experienced in programming of small tools and bigger systems, mostly in web technologies.

Not only do I create various programs and solutions, but also publish, maintain and support web pages – business cards, such as:
http://voicementors.pl/ – https://alexanna.ch/ – http://mastertent.pl/ – http://festiwalgwiazdozbiory.pl/
Most of them I currently create in cooperation with I.N. Group Dawid Tomczyk, so that your website will get both highest quality marketing services, and professional IT support.

Thanks to cooperation with Muscleffect Kamila Czech, I have obtained valuable experience with installation and technicalities of OpenCart and Magento webshops. I am able to choose, install and fix templates and plugins, diagnose server and database problems, and also install PayPal and Tpay payment systems.

Additionally, in recent years I’ve been hired in http://www.vm.pl/ and http://networkoptimum.com/ where I took part in large projects, such as Egzamer, Diagnoza Macmillan, Magazyn Familia, Merkandi.